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Put your Real Estate needs in our hands and lets be your Property Department, nowadays having your Property Department becoming an old school, the growth of telecommuting Laptops, Smartphone and other movers means testimony to the idea that more and more people are leaving the tradition offices behind, currently work is something you do, and no longer a location.

Forecast and trends are uniform and projecting exponential growth in companies and individual choosing to work more virtually yet professionally, they call it the work life balance, and STORAT Real Estate Consultancy Co.leading the Real Estate Consultancy with economic shift by choices available nowhere else.

STORAT Real Estate Consultancy Co. is a professional Real Estate office provides you the best services but it’s all Fraction on the tradition cost, all the services are customized to the client by the client, and according to their budget, there is no one size fits all.

Our services and application are across every element at commercial Real Estate industry whether its Large corporates, professional, small business, office personal, Retail in all segments, it works better and it cost less its really that simple

Your timing is good too, knowledge is power, and knowledge is stronger with high credibility to deliver it to you,

Our Services

Acquisition Retail Real Estate:

STORAT Real Estate Consultancy Co. has designed to you the Real Estate services to put you into business efficiently and effectively; Whence you sign with us, our Real Estate professionals in concert with you will find the most prestigious location in your desire territory, according to your aimed budget, adding to that:

1. Site selection
2. Negotiate a favorable lease
3. Once the lease is sign, we will design your space creating maximum efficiency and revenue generator store
4.Fit-out, our project managers are competitively bid and oversee every aspect of the store build out so you can focus on how to operate the business successfully prior to opening.
5. We assure you a Multiple locations and enjoy increase comparative differentiation and economies of scale.

Consultancy Package:

You are rewarded with Turnkey location and buildout with opportunity of serious profitability when you have mastered STORAT Real Estate consultancy Co. with Full Real Estate Consultancy Package including:

1. Strategic Plan
2. Feasibility studies
3. Pipeline
4. Expansion Plans
5. Acquisitions the Prime Location for your brands and stores

Brands acquisitions:

STORAT Real Estate Consultancy puts you in the best, the most presentable and profitable brands (Franchises) spheres, we assure and guarantee you the Ideal integration between the best and most reputable Franchisor and Franchisee deals, we support you and going to champion your brand, providing:

1. Corporate marketing programs
2. What industry are you in?
3. Preferable Paid media and Social media,
4. Increases Branded search and much people recognizing your brand
5. Raising the brand awareness
6. Specific outreach strategy
7. List of the exact demographic, people you try to attract
8. Offline brand presence in the social media

Leasing, buying and Selling, for all Real Estate requirements:

1. Commercial Centers
2. High streets Stores
3. Residential building
4. Renting apartment
5. Investment, and melty use properties
6. Plot of lands
    a. Commercial
    b. Industrial
    c. Residential
    d. BOTs

Best use analyses:

let’s be your property Department, and we will keep your properties ROI is much then you expect, STORAT Real Estate Consultancy shall give you the best use analyses and studies to utilize your prairies with the highest expectations,

Property Valuation:

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

The same apply on your properties, let us valuated and reinvest it with highest revenue.

Our Projects

"Reach out if you are looking for the perfect, store, property, tenant, in Kuwait and GCC, commercial property market"

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